Transcript of Working for the RAU Video

My name is Professor Peter McCaffrey  and it's my great privilege to be Vice Chancellor of this historic  Institution. We've been developing leaders entrepreneurs and innovators here at the  Royal agricultural University ever since 1845. Our mission today bears testament to that  of our Founders as we aim to equip a new generation of graduates to address the global  challenges that face us today: climate change, food security, sustainable land use, heritage  management, biodiversity loss, and so on. Science-based and practice centered we aim  to be the UK's leading Global University for sustainable farming and Land Management with  17,000 alumni worldwide we are very proud of our heritage and we aim to be a socially relevant  in the future as we have been in the past.

Hi, I am Graham Pollard, I'm the Chief Operating  Officer here at the Royal Agricultural University.  We've got a wonderful heritage here at the  RAU as pioneers in our academic disciplines and it's that which has really helped us  be a relevant and innovative organisation today but helps us map a really exciting and  progressive future. In January 2023 we launched our vision for the Innovation Village. This  is a £100 million landscape-led development that aims to bring together experts from across  industry, community organisations, and academia, to help drive innovation and create solutions  to some of those major challenges that we face. We're also investing heavily into our existing  estate and that's illustrated by the six million pounds investment in some new land laboratories  and this will help provide our staff and our students with state-of-the-art facilities on  their day-to-day work and studies. Compared to many universities we're a comparatively  small institution but I think what that means  is that every person here matters whether you're a housekeeper, a professor, or an administrator. I'm always impressed by that  sense of collective purpose the way that we value each other's contributions and the appetite  to really make a difference to those around us.

Hi everyone, my name's Grace I'm the alumni  engagement officer here at the RAU so my role is all about engaging with our alumni once  they we leave us here at the University. So organizing events keeping them updated  over emails and our social channels as well. I've been working here for two and a half years now and I love it because I've actually had the chance to do multiple  roles whilst being here so it's given me loads of experience for my CV and I've been able to gain skills and experience as well.