An Insight into Agriculture - Farming for Non-Farmers Course

The Insight into Agriculture (Farming for Non-Farmers) Course is aimed at business professionals working with individuals and businesses in agriculture and/or the wider land-based sector but with little or no previous background experience or knowledge of it. 

The course provides attendees with an understanding of the inherent agricultural industry fundamentals, focusing specifically on the disciplines of arable, livestock (including poultry), grassland, forestry and farm diversification. The course can be delivered online or residentially over two to four days. 

selection of images of students being taught about farming

With an introduction to the cycle of the farming year, the course provides delegates with an insight into its impact upon farmers’ lives. Combining lecture-based theory with practical examples and site visits (actual or by remote) they will develop and enhance their understanding of the complexities and nuances of the sector. The course will expand their knowledge and add to their professional skillset whilst providing a foundation for further professional development.

Subjects covered include:

  • The Farming Year
  • Arable Industry
  • Livestock and Dairy Husbandry
  • Commercial Farming
  • Farm Diversification
  • Mechanisation and AgriTech
  • Renewables
  • Basic Payment Scheme – issues, opportunities and post-Brexit possibilities
  • Visits to local farms and other relevant land-based agri-businesses
  • Farm Business Tenancies, Joint Venture, Share and Contract Farming
  • Business Planning and Business Development
  • Natural Capital/ Biodiversity Net Gain (Carbon Neutrality)
  • Future of Farming

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Course dates

Insight into Agriculture (Farming for Non-Farmers) course: 8 – 11 July 2024.