Wayleave Officer Training Programmes

Our Wayleave Officer Training Programmes, designed and delivered by experts in the field, are offered both online and face-to-face.

With a blended learning approach adopted, which includes discussion of real-life case studies, our range of programme courses enable Wayleave Officers to develop the skills and understanding needed to deliver best practice.

Foundation Training Programme

A one-day course, our Foundation Training Programme provides delegates with the foundational skills and understanding to allow them to develop and nurture fair and transparent working relationship with their clients and contacts, resulting in the timely and effective management of compensation claims. 

The course introduces delegates to the practices of the modern agricultural industry, outlining the nuances of the various commodity prices, working methods, profitability and the crop and property values listed against reasonable damage and loss.

The principles and convention surrounding negotiation and arbitration will also be outlined to delegates, with real-life case studies employed to highlight the issues which affect landowners, tenants, agents and managers and how these may be resolved.

Intermediate/Follow-on Training Programme

A one-and-a-half-day course, our Intermediate/Follow-on Training Programme builds on the foundation laid by our Foundation Training Programme.

With an emphasis on the importance of developing working relationships with clients and contacts, delegates will enhance their professional understanding and competencies in order to ensure claims are managed effectively, resolving issues rapidly and protecting business relationships and reputations.

Advanced Training Programme

Advanced Training Programme courses can be arranged by request with bespoke content.

Modes of programme delivery

We offer our programme courses face-to-face and also online (live delivery).

They are delivered by RAU academic staff, supported by external speakers, which include experienced farming practitioners, professional land agents and estate agents.

We adopt a blended learning approach, combining formal tuition with case studies of real-life examples on local farms, to promote greater discussion, analysis, knowledge exchange and understanding of common best practice. 

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