Living off-campus in accommodation rented by you.

The University's Student Accommodation team is here to provide advice and help when you are living off campus and renting accommodation.

We want students who choose to live in Cirencester and surrounding areas to find appropriate accommodation, to integrate with the community and to stay safe.

You are encouraged to come and meet the Student Accommodation team (situated in George Wing) to discuss your plans and see advice before you commit to renting a property off-campus.  We can help you to find landlords that have a good track record and recommend where you can go to obtain legal advice.   The team is based on-campus (in George wing) or you can contact them by email.

To help you with this, we have created a website in conjunction with Cotswold District Council and Gloucestershire Constabulary.  It is called Urban Fox and provides lots of advice, tips and a large number of properties to rent. 

Click to visit Urban Fox.

Off-campus living costs

Off campus accommodation charges vary depending on the type of room or house rented. Charges for a one-bedroom flat or room in a shared house range from £350 - £450 per month. Utilities such as gas, water and electricity may be an additional cost.

This table gives an estimate of the living costs that you may incur while at university. Remember that costs vary depending on your lifestyle and international students should also take into account flights or transportation to and from the UK.

Estimated off-campus living costs Monthly cost - lower Monthly cost - higher
Rent £350  £700
Gas/electricity £50 £100
Water £5 £45
Internet £20 £60
Mobile phone £10 £25
Laundry/household items £15 £35
Leisure (meals out, cinema, bars, etc) £135 £250
Photocopying/printing £5 £20
Food £160 £200
Course books/materials £10 £80
Insurance £5 £45
TV licence £5 £12.50
Total £760 £1,610

If you're an overseas student you may want to use the International Student Calculator to help with budgeting before you come to the UK.