Sir Emrys Jones Memorial Trust postgraduate award

William Emrys Jones, was a leading figure in the rejuvenation of agricultural production after World War II and had a great influence on British farming. He worked as Chief Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture from 1967 to 1973 and was Director of the Government’s Agricultural and Development Advisory Service.

Sir Emrys Jones was Principal of the Royal Agricultural College from 1974 to 1979. He forged strong links with industry and oversaw significant developments in educational standards and facilities at the College. The Sir Emrys Jones Memorial Trust Scholarships were established in 2004 and have been supporting students with Welsh connections through their education at the Royal Agricultural College/University to the present day.

About the scholarship

  • The award is worth a maximum of £3,000 per annum (one single payment)
  • Part-time scholars will be awarded a pro rata percentage of the £3,000 divided between the numbers of years of study
  • Paid in three instalments in Autumn, Spring and Summer


Applicants must be able to evidence at least one of the following in their application:

  • Have one or more parent or grandparent who is Welsh
  • Live or have lived, or have a parent who lives or has lived in Wales
  • Been educated in Wales and can demonstrate academic achievement
  • Have contributed to the cultural or sporting life and heritage of Wales

How do I apply?

Deadline for applications

All applications must be received by 12:00pm, 24 July 2024.

How will I know if my application has been successful?

All applicants will be informed in writing of the outcome, once a decision has been made and no later than mid-August 2024.

Criteria for continuation

  • Students in receipt of this award must pass each year of study at their first attempt
  • Successful applicants may be contacted by the Development Office for information to share with the donors of this scholarship
  • Failure to comply with the above will result in the removal of the award for subsequent years

Terms and conditions

Further to the criteria above:

  • Only one RAU-managed scholarship can be held at any one time
  • The RAU endeavours to ensure that this information is correct. However, the RAU accepts no legal liability for errors or omissions and reserves the right to make changes without notice
  • The decision of the Scholarship Committee is based on the information provided on the application form and in the supporting references. The decision of the Committee is final

Contact us

For further information, please email