Transfer to another course or to another University

The RAU wants to support you in your studies and throughout your time at the University. This includes being sure you are on the right course for you.

Transfer to another course

As you start your studies, we understand that some of you may be unsure if you have made the right choice of what to study here at the RAU. Sometimes you may consider another course better fits your career goals. For a few, this is because you are finding your course more demanding than expected.

The University will support a course change where you meet the requirements for the new course. Normally, any change will be at the start of an academic year. In some cases, you may change at the start of Semester 2. The RAU publishes information about its programmes and entry requirements to help you make the right choice.

If you wish to transfer to a different course you will need to complete a Transfer Form.

On some occasions, a change in course may mean you have to restart your studies from the first year or to repeat a year. You should check out what this may mean for your fees and any loans.

Sometimes you may not pass all the modules you need to be able progress to the next year. If this happens, and it is not feasible for you to repeat a module, you may be able to transfer to another programme.

In this situation, the University has people who can help to guide you. If you want to change course then the first step is to discuss the options with your personal tutor. If you want to go ahead with a change they can help you present the argument for the change and to the complete the forms.

In addition to the above, paragraph 200 of the Academic Regulations for Taught Programmes details the Internal Transfer regulations.

Transfer to another University

If you decide that the RAU is not for you and that the course you want to study is at another University then you need to follow a two-step process. You need to apply to your new University – normally through UCAS – and you need to withdraw from the RAU.

Withdrawal from the RAU

If you want to stop your University studies, you need to withdraw formally from the University. You need to consider carefully the financial issues that stopping your course may involve, including the timing of any loans, rental agreements or council tax. You are strongly advised to seek specialist advice on these matters.

You will need to complete the Withdrawal from or Suspending Academic Studies Form.

The Policy and Procedures for Withdrawing from or Suspending Academic Studies document is published on the website.

If you would like to discuss transferring to a different course, withdrawing or moving to another university you can seek advice from the Student Hub