Welcome to your RAU Students’ Union

Welcome to your RAU Students’ Union

The RAU Students’ Union (RAUSU) is here to support and represent you throughout your studies here. You will have the option to join the RAUSU, at no extra cost, when you self-register for your programme.

We look forward to welcoming you on 17th September and can’t wait to meet you!  We have a fantastic week of social activities planned for you, designed to fit around all your academic introduction for that week. Our welcome desk will be open between 12:30pm-1:30pm each weekday.

Timetable of RAUSU Welcome Events


Sunday 17th

11am-5pm: Arrivals day 

6pm-11pm: Welcome BBQ

Monday 18th 

2pm-4pm: Army Teambuilding

8pm-12am: UV Party

Tuesday 19th             

2pm-4pm: Mocktail making & Cirencester trips

8pm-11pm: Pub Quiz & Karaoke

Wednesday 20th 

(reserved for University Matriculation)

7pm-late Pub Golf / REVA nightclub

Thursday 21st           

2pm-4pm Sports & Societies Fair

6pm-8pm I‘m a Fresher Get Me Out of Here

Friday 22nd               

12pm-4pm Campus Market

8pm-1am Refreshers Festival

Saturday 23rd                       

1pm-5pm Cheltenham trip

8pm-11pm Outdoor Cinema

Sunday 24th             

6pm-11pm Normal Tithe evening


We’ve prepared a checklist of things to bring to help you join in these events, but don’t worry if you can’t bring everything.

To keep up to date with SU activities and events, find out more about student life, and get to know your fellow students, please join our Facebook group, RAUSU Welcome Week 2023.

Come and find us in the SU building next to the Tithe Bar on 17 September after you’ve registered and we’ll give you lots more information and stash!


More information on the RAUSU