Nigerian Dinner

Earlier this year I went to a Nigerian themed dinner at the RAU.

By Tatenda Mazordoze, 1st Year, FdSc (Hons) Agriculture and Farm Management

It took four hours to prepare different types of food that are popular in Nigeria, and many students from different nations in different parts of the world came along to have a great night out eating Nigerian food.

The food itself was delicious, we kept commenting on it after a few minutes of regular conversation. There was Nigerian music being played throughout the event and towards the end people could not help but stand up and start dancing along in harmony.

The food was slightly spicy because in Nigeria most of their recipes include spices. This however did not stop me from digging in and going for a second round regardless. We concluded the night by taking a few group photo in front of the wonderful Nigerian flag. Each person returned back to their rooms with bigger bellies.