Leonor Von Montgelas Cesar Das Neves

In school, I always thought I would study geography. I had an interest in the global challenges that combined development, economies, and our surroundings. However, after several work experiences on rural estates, I decided to go to the RAU and follow my love of the outdoors and desire to protect our rural heritage.

However, to my surprise, university, especially the RAU, did not teach by subject but discussed an issue from different angles across several disciplines. I love that my course 'Rural Land Management' intertwined business, property, and agriculture with an overarching element of management. It allowed me to pull together all my interests only to develop them further.

“With Cirencester being such a small university, I found myself debating with friends across all schools about the same issue. That, together with the amazing fact that somehow everyone at the RAU has this will to be practical. To act out what we learnt and see what it can bring really created an environment that permitted all students to think outside the box and see the bigger picture.”

I am grateful to all my lecturers and tutors who know all the students by name and know their personalities, as they enabled me to arrive at a completely new topic - sustainable finance.

“Writing my bachelor thesis on environmental accounting was such a joy. Along with the support mentioned above, I was able to expand my knowledge and delve into my newfound passion.”

I now find myself to be a well-rounded person with a job at Deloitte as an Audit Assistant training to become a Chartered Auditor - the ambition to make sustainable finance, everyday finance.

William Leschalles, Head of the School of Real Estate and Land Management said: “I am so pleased for Leonor and all the RELM students that get jobs. They thoroughly deserve it after all their hard work whilst at the RAU. To all graduates out there, please keep in touch as we love to hear how you are getting on.”