Accacia Foggin

My RAU experience

The Foundation Degree Course of Business and Enterprise (FdSc) at the Royal Agricultural University has given me the core business discipline and entrepreneurial mindset to achieve my personal goals whether I aspire to set up my own business, lead an organisation to success, or excel as part of a strong team.

The two year foundation degree course provides a very practical learning approach, supporting students to develop skills which are easily transferable to every business.

I thoroughly enjoy being on the Foundation Degree in Business and Enterprise. I joined the course in October 2018 and have now become a part of the Cotswold Hills wine team and have now been made Sales Manager

What I gained from the RAU

Working on the Cotswold Hills wine project was a direct result of my course learning and spurred me on to putting more effort and energy into learning the skills needed to run a small business. The more skills I have, the wider my choices and opportunities will be. As the wine business is entirely run by students, undertaking responsibilities such as selling the wine at trade shows and the Cirencester Christmas market this year has taught me a huge number of practical skills that I will need if I one day succeed in starting my own business. For example, practicing speaking to potential customers in a professional and positive manner, as well as the organisational skills needed in making professional phone calls and setting up tastings with potential client businesses. This experience is also great to add to my curriculum vitae as it is the most responsible position I have held to date.