Brad Currin

My RAU experience

I am embarking on a career change and the Graduate Diploma in Agriculture is the perfect immersion into agriculture. GDA provides an intensive one year programme aimed at those interested in embarking on a career in the agricultural sector. I have also been impressed by the RAU’s shift of focus towards sustainable food and farming systems as this is crucial both for the UK and globally.

To be honest, the whole experience so far has been a highlight. From faculty staff and guest lecturers to farm and enterprise visits. I feel I have had an academic and practical deep dive into food and farming practices.  I have also enjoyed the diversity of backgrounds of fellow students on the GDA programme. We have people from varied backgrounds on the course, including journalism, archaeology, management consulting, IT management, and legal. Everyone brings a different perspective to the programme.

What I gained from the RAU 

I am a mature student and coming back to study after 25 years in the corporate world is quite daunting. I have found the RAU and staff to be very supportive and the learning/assessment approach have helped me get back into studying via a challenging yet supportive study programme.  I plan to follow up on GDA with the MSc in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems that the RAU offers. At this point I am still shaping the exact career path I wish to take and I am open to multiple possible career options. What is great at the RAU is the strong employability focus with regular career fairs and seminars to help students understand the career options but also connect with potential employers. This is invaluable.

We need to change our food and farming systems in the face of climate change. The GDA programme at the RAU is a perfect opportunity to embark on a career in this space (or simply for someone wanting to transition into a career in agriculture). It is a fascinating, intense and immersive experience.