Caitlin Steadman

Why did you choose to study this course at the RAU?

As an alumna of the RAU, I knew exactly what to expect in terms of the structure of the courses and the lecturing quality available. I knew when it came to studying for a Masters, I did not want to be anywhere else! The industry connections are second-to-none and it has been a fantastic learning experience to start my future career in industry.

What is the best part about this course for you?

The graduate recruitment process. It has been so well organised on the University’s behalf from the ‘milk-round’ presentation evenings to the fantastic support from Careers and especially my personal tutor who ensured I was ready for the application and interview stages which led me to being offered my dream job.

What are you enjoying the most about studying at the RAU?

I most enjoy being in lectures with my fellow course mates; I’ve really got to know them very well and we are very close as a group. This has made our lectures and external visits good fun as more discussion can be had which makes the learning exciting and invaluable.

What would you say to a prospective student thinking about choosing your course at the RAU?

If you are thinking about choosing the RAU, just go for it! You will not regret it – along with my undergraduate time here, I have had the most enjoyable four years here and will be sad to leave! There are so many like-minded students here that making friends is super easy and the support system from fellow course mates through to lecturers and the well-being team is incredible. It is such a homely, welcoming environment and I am proud to say I studied at the RAU.