Charlotte Bailey

“I had a brilliant three years at Cirencester and will always have a lot to thank the RAU for - not only did I make great friends and get a well-credited degree, but I also had the help and support to come away with a brilliant job too!”

After graduating, the prospects of securing a job with the Covid-19 pandemic still causing huge problems in the workplace seemed almost impossible. Luckily, I stayed in touch with William Leschallas, my Head of School who kindly continued to give me his help and guidance after graduating to ensure my CV was ready for me to start applying for graduate schemes in 2021. Whilst he was doing this, a six-month job offer to work as an assistant with Middleton Advisors landed on his desk and he kindly thought of me for the role. We both agreed that this was impeccable timing and I feel particularly fortunate that I was able to secure a job with such a specialist company.

Middleton Advisors are property advisors trusted by private clients to buy, sell or hold – for letting, capital investment or occasional use with prime property in London and the country. I work in the country office and after being there for three months have been offered a permanent role which I feel is a very great privilege. Although I have been working predominately from home due to Covid-19, I have still had the opportunity to visit some beautiful houses and estates around the country together with gathering knowledge from some of the top buying agents in the UK. Middleton are also supporting me through my APC for me to become a qualified Chartered Surveyor.

William Leschalles, Head of the School of Real Estate and Land Management said: “It was my absolute pleasure to help Charlotte and I am so pleased she reached out to me for help. I always say to my graduates that their relationship with the RAU does not finish when they leave. To all graduates out there, please keep in touch as we love to hear how you are getting on.”

“Thank you, William, as without your help I wouldn't have been given the opportunity to work for such a great company. I feel very lucky that my CV was on your desk just at the right time!”