Fergus Tribe

Why did you choose to study this course at the RAU?

I live in Suffolk and my grandparents have a farm so every day I would always be up there messing around and seeing how it all worked! My father did a Land Management degree and is now has a real estate company specialising in commercial property. For me, coming from a two year agricultural course, I want to try and combine the two, farming and property, so it was a no brainer to make the choice to come here, especially considering its glowing reputation and the pathways it leads you onto.

What is the best part about this course for you? 

The classes are small so very interactive, it makes you feel like a person not just a number! The modules are varied and there are some really cool trips we go on.

What are you enjoying the most about studying at the RAU?

I really enjoy just being here on campus, student life is amazing. I think it definitely helps that the university is very small so everyone basically knows everyone! Living on campus in my first year really helped with making some solid friendships that I know are going to last!

I am also involved with the brilliant enterprise programme they have here with endless amounts of information and expert people always happy to help with a new business venture you may have! Even though I am not on a business course I have learned so much already, its all relevant information that I can take away with me in the future!

What would you say to a prospective student thinking about choosing your course at the RAU?

The university provides very specialised vocational courses. If you’re wanting a university to provide you with a brilliant path to follow, lots of like minded people that will almost certainly go into the same lifestyle and job as you and provide you with any other guidance you may need then I feel the RAU is good for you!