Francesco Balducelli

Why did you choose the RAU?

Mt first experience of the RAU was back in 2007 when I came to the University to take part in a summer camp. Years later I’d already completed undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications at home based in agriculture. But I was keen to enrich my learning and gain a foreign experience as an international student. I remembered my visit to the RAU so started doing research into going there. I also visited again to attend some open days.

Specialising in agriculture, the RAU really does give you a 360 degree experience. It immerses you in it. Being a small campus means that you get direct teaching, without compromising the quality.

What have you enjoyed the most about your course?

The course has challenged me, and that is what I have enjoyed the most. We are not just regurgitating the same knowledge in class, we have to apply it to real businesses, real case studies. It stretches your capabilities.

There are other international students on the course which is great and the teachers are very supportive. I also really like the variety of the topics on the course. It is interesting to experience the different learning approaches here compared to my time studying in Italy.

Part of my degree involves a marketing element and I actually picked the RAU to focus mine on, which has been really interesting.

Student life

It is marvellous here, particularly the rural, countryside location and green spaces. There are also a lot of outdoor sports activities on offer like tennis and soccer.

The student support team do a terrific job organising, engaging activities for international students. We’ve been able to visit London, go trampolining, ice skating, a theatre performance. In terms of helping students get used to the environment, I’d definitely give five stars!

What advice would you give to students considering choosing the RAU?

Make sure you carefully read through the modules and assessment requirements for the course you’re interested in, so you are familiar with them and have a good overall picture.

What are your future hopes and career plans?

I think that my previous studies at home and here at the RAU have given me a well-rounded, enhanced knowledge, with UK and international experience, and I’m hoping this will be an asset to me in my future. I am interested in going to the area of food safety and quality assurance.