Maximus Maillard

My RAU experience

I enjoyed studying the historical and heritage-based aspects of Countryside Management during my undergraduate course. I was thrilled to continue exploring these topics through the Cultural Heritage Institute's MSC Archaeology program, which I received an alumni discount on.

During my second year, we went on a week-long trip to Orkney, exploring historical sites around the islands and assessing issues around managing such Heritage sites in a broader sense. During the short time I have been studying postgraduate Archaeology, we have already been on three trips with many more to come, each of which has been a highlight.


What I gained from the RAU 

The Lectures are very interesting, and all feel relevant and tailored regarding moving into future career pathways. I aspire to pursue a career in Archaeology or Heritage, and I have found the Cultural Heritage Institute to be an excellent resource for acquiring the essential skills and knowledge required for this field. Moreover, the instructors demonstrate a keen interest in their students' future ambitions and offer valuable guidance.

I learned a variety of skills concerning practical conservation, and countryside management skills, as well as the theoretical reason for implementing these measures.

It is a great course, and you won’t go wrong if Archaeology is what you would like to do.