Pascal Hegglin and David Poussier

What did you enjoy most about your course and studying at the RAU?

David: I enjoyed the closeness with our lecturers and their support. The course offered a great balance between theory and onsite visits, and its program and organisation fit perfectly with my needs in terms of my career path.

Pascal: I definitely liked the hands-on experiences such as farm visits and demonstrations. Being able to form new friendships with lecturers and course mates, all with different experiences and from all kinds of backgrounds, was great. We had some very interesting classroom discussions.

How did your course and the RAU prepare you for your career?

David: My course gave me all the essential knowledge about agriculture and UK farming networking that we needed to start our new initiative which re-connects consumers with the farmers. 

Pascal: The RAU opened my eyes to the number of career opportunities that surrounded agriculture, not just farming.