Tatenda Mazorodze

My RAU experience

I chose to study here because of the good reputation the RAU has built in Zimbabwe. The course specifically focused on the farm management aspect of agriculture hence it was exactly what I needed for my career. 

I struggled to adapt to the new environment as I was very far from home across the world. The university did a wonderful job of showing us around parts of the country with beautiful scenery. They took us on journeys to go canoeing, watch shows, have music nights and many more. I truly enjoyed the events and activities that were planned out by the Student Union.

What I gained from the RAU 

As part of my degree we visited a large scale dairy farm that had great facilities with great practices being taken, and fields that were fertilised by slurry which was stores in massive tanks. For work placement unfortunately Covid struck so I had to fly back home. Once I was back in Zimbabwe I worked as a supervisor on a farm, and exactly what I had been taught at the RAU is what I was now putting into practice. I gained the practical side of the theory I had learnt in lectures.

The course helped me with project management skills which I now use for many other projects I am involved in. You are taught how to also manage accounts and finances for any project you wish to do. If you are looking to work on a farm whether it be horticultural, grain, or livestock, you will gain the foundation you need for any work you end up pursuing.