The accommodation on campus is actually really nice, all the rooms are quite spacious, you can have an ensuite bedroom or not an ensuite bedroom. There’s self-catering, there’s non-self-catering. If you don’t go self-catered then you get fed by the uni. I was self-catered with an ensuite bedroom and absolutely loved it.  

This is a Vic Hughes bedroom, you get a single bed, and wardrobe space, a tea making facility. You get your own ensuite bathroom with a shower. And there’s also places to pin things up, there’s storage for your books, and there is a desk working space so you can do your work from your own room.  

This is Vic Hughes common room, on one of the floors. We’ve got plenty of areas to sit, so you can have friends over before you go on a night out. There’s also a kitchen as this is a self-catered block, so you are able to cook together, or individually, whatever you want to do, so there is lots of freedom.  

So, the building behind me is Woodlands, it's one of our catered blocks, so you go and eat in the dining hall if you live there, but it's also got kitchenettes and ensuite bathrooms in all the rooms.  

Whilst the building to the side of us is West Lodge, it's one of our self-catered blocks with kitchen and common areas in, but it also has amazing underfloor heating run from the biomass heater on campus.  

Behind us we have West Lodge, but we are currently at Coad Court, which is one of our catered blocks, it has ensuite bathrooms as well as shared bathrooms and has some amazing views to look at.  

This is Bled, it has shared bathrooms but is also one of our catered blocks, with kitchenettes. It is quite a social block. 

We also have accommodation in our main building. We have George Wing, which has shared bathrooms and we have the main build which has thirty-three bedrooms twin or single, with ensuites. Both of these blocks are catered.