Today, we’re going to give you a bit of a campus tour, just so you have a bit of an idea what it’s like to be a student here.  

So right now, we’re walking up the main driveway it is absolutely beautiful, and this is the Main Building and you can see our gorgeous clock tower. Students love to get their photos taken here, especially on graduation day which you can really look forward to if you come.  

As far as they eye can see is all the Royal Ag so you get to adventure out, go in the field, spend time with your friends, and during the winter months when we get lots of snow, people actually sled down the hill in rucksacks, plastic bags, snowboards, everything. We all have so much fun.  

Right now, we’re walking through Coad and right behind us is West Lodge , and just on our left is a car park, so if you drive there’s car parking spaces right next to you and I have to mention the spaces are free. 

Everything on campus is really close together, which is another reason why the students here are so close knit, because we all just live on top of each other.  

Here we are at the Student Union. The Student Union is really important, it’s the place that listens to our voices as students, they look out for us, they help us with absolutely anything we need. 

And now we’re walking towards the lecture blocks. On our left we have the Emerys Jones building.  

So, this is the grass quad, it is absolutely beautiful, usually there is some fun activities here in your fresher's week, and it gives you the chance to get to know everyone. 

And then straight in front is the Frank Garner lecture block where the tutors and the lecturers all live upstairs, and that’s where I usually have my lectures every day.  

So, this is the Atrium and you can get lots of breakfast, lunch options, and there’s cold dinners also that you can buy from the little shop that’s just in the back on the left, and also here, on the left, in the middle of the room is a computer room, which is mostly used by third years but is open to everybody.  

Just to our left is the Library and we have quiet zones and loud zones in the Library, so if you are doing lots of dissertation work, you have the chance of utter silence.  

Straight in front of us now, is the church where we have absolutely beautiful carol services each year. And if you want to join the choir, you are able to do that. Then behind us is Porters Lodge, you can get your post there, its twenty-four-hour security and also first aid if you need it, its all there for you.  

And then just to our left is the Tithe Barn, where on a Friday night we usually have a band or a DJ, usually a local band and it's so much fun.  

In to our left is the student lounge, and in there alcohol is strictly prohibited, so if you’re not really the partying type, kind of like me, you get to go in there and it’s just a really relaxing place to hang out.  

Just behind us is part of the Main Building, the clock tower is up there, but into our right is the Dining Room and the food is really really nice, they do great Sunday roasts.  

So here to our right is a beautiful, beautiful lawn where you can have little picnic parties, some people play croquet there in the summer and just past the hedges is post grad accommodation, so some undergrads live there too but it is nice to have just a bit more privacy when you are a mature student. And in to our right is the main building, so it really is such a small campus, everything is together, so you can’t get lost.  

Just in front of us is a cricket pitch, there is also a rugby pitch, at the back there is tennis courts. Rugby is really popular here so quite regularly the rugby is played absolutely everywhere.   

This was our campus tour, I hope I was able to show you guys everything you needed and hopefully we will be able to see you all in September.