Transcript of Equine courses video

Our equine provision at the RAU is based around a combination of business and science. We can cater for people who are interested  in business and science for the wider industry who are interested in the sport horse element or the racehorse and the bloodstock element, and also if you're interested in broadening things out  with some agricultural science but still having that that core equine background, then you have the  opportunity to tailor the degree to one of those three routes or pathways, which would allow you  to enter a range of different industries.

We're very fortunate at the RAU that from a facilities perspective we're placed in the Cotswolds, in the heart of the equine industry, we're close to Cheltenham and the racecourse, we're close to Lamborn, Badminton horse trials, and then we have our own equestrian centre and laboratory facilities on campus. If you have a horse we have a livery yard as part of the university on one of our farms so there is an opportunity to study and have your horse here as well.

With regards to your career development, the equine industry is broad and there are some great skills in here so you might go on to work in an area of the industry racing, sport side of things, big companies, you might actually actually decide to stay in academia or work in a broader environment and those core business and science skills can  be applied to lots of job opportunities in the future.

Why choose the RAU? We're a small community with an experienced equine team who are here to support you through your journey.