Transcript of MSc Agricultural Technology and Innovation video

The wonderful thing about where we are right now is that we are experiencing the unfolding of the fourth industrial revolution.  So when the students come and enrol in our programme with the university and our modules, they get to learn more about these technologies and they are equipped to go into various industries in agriculture and apply these technologies.

I’m extremely glad to have come to the RAU. I’ve managed to make plenty of connections through fellow students and lecturers. What I really enjoyed about my course was the multitude of farm visits we did, from livestock farms to arable, to regen.

We have students that have been paired with industry partners so the dissertations and the programmes that they embark on are actually used for policy implementation and also to advise the agricultural industry. So, you don’t just come here to get the certificate, but you get the experience that comes with it which is lifelong.

I am now working as a research and process manager for a commercialised Asian company based in London. At the practice I work in we specialise in agriculture, food and biotech, so the course not only primed me in the novel technology and the niche tech within the space, but also agriculture and business as a whole, so it primed me all round as the ideal candidate.