Transcript of RAU Business and Entrepreneurship Video

The topic of business lets me focus on any business because it applies to the entire world and every person that has a job and I can focus on gigantic corporations or I can look at something closer to home like the local shops in town because business and money always goes from the top down and affects every person on the scale.

I chose the RAU because it's full of very like-minded people. I didn't know what I wanted to do until I came here. I don't think I could probably fit much more into my schedule in terms of getting extra-curricular things and talks and that sort of thing and it's really nice being in the country and not being in a city.

A lot of our students are looking for the practical value that a degree provides and that practical value leads on to a career and leads on to earning money, so we have a mixture of practitioners in the department and researchers and academics who all come together, because it's really important for students to get real-world knowledge.

The staff have been great, we have lecturers who have had real-world experience. They are successful entrepreneurs in their own right but also great at teaching about it.

The lecturers and staff are really supportive for the students. We aren't left to struggle on our own.

The staff have been brilliant both academically and sort of pastoral as well. You can literally just go to their office, knock on the door and they know your name and they'll go grab you a coffee and it's brilliant.

I think within the School of Business we have fantastic links to industry and we bring guest speakers in to come and talk to our students. We have a wonderful program of extracurricular work that we do with them.

It's encouraged to pick up placements and they have a specialist department at the careers hub to help you find placements or after University jobs. They like to spring little surprises on you so that could be anything from "ok guys, you've got to give us a 5 minute pitch on how to sell the next computer product". From doing that for the last three years I picked up how to do it pretty well.

Students will gain incredible business skills which they can put into practice whether that's employability skills for the future or whether it's creating strong foundations of a business.

I've loved the Entrepreneurship module. Lecturers from their business backgrounds have been so, so helpful.

Those skills will be how to pitch, plan, develop business ideas, develop products. Every business wants an employee that can do that.

Students who study on the business program at the RAU go off into a lot of different areas. Obviously, we have those students who choose start-up as a route but we also have students who go and work in corporates as well as farming and agriculture more generally.

Studying an MBA at the RAU has definitely helped my career and it just gave me the confidence and it's opened up this new career path for me.

I'm really, really glad I came here I've had the best experience with the best lecturers and best people that I could have met. Overall it's just a really nice environment.