Transcript of RAU Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Programme video

I chose the RAU because it's full of very like-minded people. I've always wanted to run my own business, I didn't know what I wanted to do until I came here, but the enterprise programs helped me sort that out.

To undertake this process without the RAU backing would have made it a lot harder. Their wealth of experience, their contacts, all the things they've helped with has really made this experience a lot easier.

Often this process is very lonely and the enterprise team has always been there for me; from working on a business plan to actually make it happen, to actually launch it in the business world.

It's open to all students at the Royal Agricultural University - postgraduate, undergraduate, first, second or third years, it's open to everybody.

So the value our students get out of the enterprise program - it allows them to go on a journey both personal and professional. Our program is based along four key principles of: think it, try it, launch it, grow it.

I solely came here really to start a business because of the enterprise scheme. It was a really nice confidence boost just having people reassure you and kind of guide you and then say "here's the next step to go onwards". Getting even more knowledge is really, really good.

What makes the programme here unique is the different inputs that we bring into it. They've got a wide range of speakers, from different business backgrounds, who give them lots of different perspectives on how to get the best out of their ideas and themselves.

We're passionate about helping young businesses and we really enjoy seeing how they evolve. We share that enthusiasm.

You're kind of inspiring people and you're lighting a fire, but the amount of information you can get in a very small amount time can actually make the difference between your business succeeding or failing.

Alongside this structured program we also run two social enterprises: Muddy Wellies ale and Cotswold Hills wine. We will see students at the start of the year who are looking to work on, say, their confidence or it might be that they want to work on their marketing or their sales pitch and we will give them the opportunities throughout the year to hone those skills.

Being an entrepreneur and having an idea is the easy bit. Those business operating principles, if you have to learn it the hard way through losing your own money, that's tough. If you can learn it by somebody telling you what the pitfalls are then that's so much better.

Being surrounded by like-minded people, really wanting to start businesses, all in the same boat together, bouncing ideas off each other I find a really nice environment to launch your company.

I pitched a couple of weeks ago and actually got a grant for £250 which is amazing, so I can buy some samples in and get the ball rolling.

I don't know of any other university that offers such a well-rounded program that can offer so much for these students that are already so entrepreneurial but perhaps just need those couple of extra contacts and tips, things that can really get them moving forwards to the next step.