Transcript of the Agriculture, Food and the Environment Video

I didn't have any doubts about coming here, because of the amount of farmers in Zimbabwe, they kept saying go to the Royal Agriculture University.

Not only have I met really fantastic friends, but I feel like I've made some good contacts here.

The common aim with our courses, is to set the bigger picture of the environment being the area in which we must all operate. It's all about giving different experience, of different farming systems, under different environmental challenges and conditions.

What are the linkages? What are the trade-offs, between food production, agriculture and the environment?

I think that's what I like about it so much, it's very much a discussion, so you get really involved and everybody says their opinion, and their insights, and it's really interesting.

The style of teaching here is a real blend of academic, applied and practical. We actively encourage students from a farming background but we also actively encourage students from a non-farming background, people who are interested in solving challenges around climate change, biodiversity loss.

The modules teach you the content and then we've also had lecturers and other modules to teach us how to get into the real world.

We are trying to educate, enhance their professionalism, integrate them into the industry and make them feel like they are open to every challenge that society can afford them.

Facilities here are fantastic, they have a laboratory which we use for like seed sampling.

You learn everything about tractors, balers, combined harvesters, exactly what you need to know.

Having a qualification such as chainsaw Lantra, going into the land-based sector, they're absolutely crucial in identifying you as a useful employee.

After University it's a firm plan to use what I've learned here to do a great job of farming.

What I love is every day is different. You don't sit down in a lecture hall every single day and learn about the same thing, each module is so different.