Transcript of the Equine Management & Science Video

I've been riding since I was two years old. I've been competing since I was about nine. I want to go into veterinary medicine, so it was a good step through.

I found out about the RAU one day in my old college library, and I looked up the website and just thought, this looks incredible, the alumni have gone on to do so many amazing things.

I was a student at the Royal Agricultural University about 12-15 years ago and I remember doing exercises where we took old farm yards, and how could we develop this as an equestrian business, and you know that's actually something I've gone on and done.

So what makes our courses unique, and following employer feedback, we roll science and business topics into the same degree and that makes for a more employable graduate.

I did three years studying equine and business management, looking at every single aspect of the horse from equine law to business, to practical anatomy, genetics, breeding.

A good deal of our teaching takes place off site in the form of student visits into industry. That's something that we can offer due to our geographic location.

So today we hosted a group of students from the Royal Agricultural University. It was essentially to give them a practical insight into some of the theory that they've been learning, having an understanding of technology and science and the veterinary opportunities that are available to us.

It's been a lot more informative, a lot more interesting coming and seeing everything in real life and putting everything in perspective that we've learned in the classroom.

We're a small University. Students are not just numbers to us, they're names, they're people that over the three years of study we really get to know.

They're so supportive, they really do want you to do quite well. It makes me actually want to do more academically and see where I could go.

Having that background from the RAU is really helpful in progressing your career. The opportunity at Cirencester to open your eyes to different disciplines is really beneficial.

The facilities are absolutely amazing. We did the practical up here,  the locomotion practical, so I got to use my own horse, so we had him trotting around the arena with coloured dots all over him, it was great fun. I'd love to do it all again, I keep wishing I was back at Uni.