Lycetts Summer Scholarship

10 Feb 2022

**This Scholarship is now closed to applications**

The Lycetts Summer Scholarship is a ten week research project, giving you the opportunity to build a network of contacts and find out more about the world of insurance, as well as giving the chance to develop commercial research and presentations skills.

There are up to two scholarships available, exclusively to RAU students, at £2,500. To apply, you must be a current student on any course.

This year’s questions are:

  • Family farms

What are the financial implications for the donor and donee of handing on a farm or estate to the next generation? Is there a right time to do this?

  •  Health and safety

Why is the farming industry reticent about health & safety and taking risk management seriously and how do you get them to take it seriously?

  • Farms of the future

What will the farms of the future look like?  How can Lycetts help with new or adapted insurance policies?

  • Carbon credits

A very hot topic currently is carbon credits and companies looking to offset / buy carbon credits. How will this boom change the UK landscape and what additional / different insurance requirements will land owners selling carbon credits have to consider? What insurance products should be developed to protect rural businesses participating in carbon markets?

  • Environment and sustainable land management

The countyside is changing fast; the words sustainable, progressive, environmental are now part of everyday discourse. Government policy is being directed through countryside stewardship in the first instance and we are just seeing the start of the Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) with the first tangible Sustainable Farming Initiative (part of ELMS policy).

We need some blue sky insurance thinking as to the insurance implications for the future with both Government and the private sectors starting to think about monetising green issue, carbon credits being just one example. The issue here is that the effects are long term, but the insurance market does not think long term. What are the opportunities for Lycetts?

Download the application form and an information pack to apply.

If you have any questions, please contact Hannah Langford via