Jennifer Howse


Doctoral International Teaching Fellow – Vice Chancellor Scholar

Completed the BSc (Hons) Animal Science in 2011 at UWE before moving into a FE lecturing post delivering modules on animal behaviour, animal welfare and practical skills at Hartpury College.

Whilst in this lecturing role completed a Post Graduate Certificate in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law with the University of Edinburgh and a MA in Anthrozoology (Human Animal Interaction) at Exeter University with a focus on methods to improve student wellbeing through animal interactions.

Began lecturing in HE at Hartpury University, teaching a number of topic areas, including animal behaviour, animals in society and research skills. Completed the Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and participated on many of the university boards.

Began working on the university farm alongside lecturing and fell in love with agriculture, moving away from companion and zoo species and towards livestock.

Left Hartpury University in 2021 and took up an agricultural liaison role at Foyle Food Group in Gloucestershire, supporting beef farmers across the South West. Within this role time was spent working with farmers on research projects which focused on rotational grazing, the inclusion of multi-species leys, Bokashi composting methods and brush inclusion within feedlots.

Decided to return to teaching and PhD level studies; started with RAU in February 2023 as a Doctoral International Teaching Fellow and am currently in the process of designing a PhD looking into the consequences of not supporting farmer wellbeing on the industry; looking not only at the impacts on the farmers but also their livestock, the consumer and the supply chain as a whole.

Human Animal Interaction, Human Wellbeing, Animal Behaviour and Welfare.

Livestock production