RAU Equestrian Centre charges

Charges are valid for the academic year 2023/24. Prices will be reviewed on an annual basis and may increase for academic year 2024/25.

2023 Livery packages*

  Price per week
DIY with straw and forage £70.00
DIY with shavings and forage £85.00
Summer livery (April - September), forage and bedding not included £40.00
Full livery £170.00
Study package (full livery Mon-Fri, DIY Sat and Sun) £135.00

Deposit £200

(Refundable on full payment of all outstanding invoices on leaving)

Services price list September 2023 - July 2024

Horse trailer parking (up to 3.5 tonnes) £30.00 per calendar month
Horse lorry parking (over 3.5 tonnes) £35.00 per calendar month
Turn out/bring in with rug change £4.00
Turn out/bring in, no rug change £3.00
Muck out £8.00
Labour £30.00 per hour
Full livery top-up £13.84 plus VAT per day
Rugging up/striping off £1.50
Administering pre-made feed/forage £1.00
Preparation of feed/forage £1.00
Wood shavings bale £9.00
Staff to put horse on/off horse exerciser  £1.50
Staff to exercise horse (ground work) £12.50 plus VAT
Staff to exercise horse (ridden) £25.00 plus VAT
Visual check £1.00
Administration of medication/worm sample collection £5.00
Late surcharge fee £15.00
Paddock management – poo picking/weeding (subject to labour charge) Labour charge £30 per hour
Overnight stabling/paddock £15.00 (per night, per horse)
Attend for farrier or other professionals £12.00 per 30 minutes

Out of hours services (8pm -7:30am)

Double rate
Bank holidays Double rate

*Please note: prices to be reviewed in 2024