Student sustainability opportunities

Sustainability at the RAU is a collective benefit and responsibility for the university community – everybody can help create positive change.

One of our main goals of integrating sustainability into our campus is to provide you with exciting opportunities and to help you gain key skills for your future career. We try and use all of our sustainable initiatives within our teaching and research, using the campus as a ‘Living Lab’; as well as offering many extra-curricular activities. 

Sustainability in the curriculum

As a student here you will get lots of opportunities to learn about how sustainability is relevant to your subject. This might include doing a case study project assessing how sustainability features can be incorporated into a building conversion project; or perhaps investigating how the long-term management of soils affects agriculture; or working with a local wildlife group to determine the most effective way of restoring the habitat of a rare bird, insect, or plant. Students often visit farms as part of their programmes to look at how sustainability can be delivered in practice; and you will also have the opportunity to base your dissertation around the projects happening on campus – for example, you might like to review the corporate social responsibility reporting of the University or assess the benefits of the University’s Environmental Management System.

Student allotment

Work is underway to transform the allotment space on campus into a usable, sustainable space. The intention is to have a rewilding area, heritage fruit trees and raised beds to grow produce that can be gifted to the RAU kitchen. 

Contact us

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