Knowledge Transfer Partnership

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is a partnership between a company, university and a graduate.

The company benefits from a highly qualified graduate working as a member of their staff for two years, on a project that brings a strategic change to the business.  Both large companies and SMEs (small to medium enterprises) are eligible.

KTPs operate by building partnerships between companies and academic institutions.  The partnership develops a Knowledge Transfer Programme focused on meeting the needs/solving a problem of the industrial partner through the transfer of expertise.

For companies Knowledge Transfer Partnerships help them to:

  • Develop new products or improve existing ones.
  • Increase efficiency through improved business processes.
  • Enter new markets.
  • Increase the company's skill base.

For graduates, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships mean:

  • Career development.
  • Implementing strategic projects in a real business situation with some clear responsibility for the end result.
  • The opportunity to develop a portfolio of technical and business skills.

Knowledge is transferred via a recent graduate working within the company with mentoring from an academic expert. Financial support is available as a grant, which can cover up to 67% of the programme costs.

In order to qualify for KTP, a Programme should:

  • Have clear deliverables.
  • Be at least 18 months work.
  • Lead to an increase in profits.

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