Support, wellbeing and counselling

We want to make sure that your time at RAU is both rewarding and fulfilling. We all have times in life when we could do with a little extra support.

Student Hub

You can find the Hub in the Emrys Jones building at the heart of the Cirencester campus – it’s easy for students to access a range of university services.

Visit the Hub’s helpdesk to ask for help with:

  • Student Services enquiries: book an appointment with the Student Advisor or Mental Health Coordinator and chat with them in a private meeting room or approach the team to discuss disability support
  • Registry enquiries: collect council tax letters, academic transcripts, and replacement unicards
  • Enterprise and Employability enquiries: develop your CV and find out how you can get involved in our social enterprise projects, like the award-winning Cotswold Hills Wine project
  • The Hub is generally staffed between 9:00am - 4:00pm on weekdays so please have a look around, meet the teams, and find out more about how we can support you during your time at the RAU

Student Services drop-ins and appointments

The Student Services team is based in the Student Hub and offers students emotional support, practical advice and guidance. They are a point of contact for students facing all kinds of challenges. They have specialisms in mental health, positive wellbeing, and disability & neurodivergent support, however they are also available for students facing any challenges ranging from loneliness, stress or anxiety, to relationship issues, bullying and harassment, and everything in between.  

The team runs daily drop-in sessions where you can speak with an advisor and, if needed, begin the process of accessing specialist support. Students can come and speak about absolutely any challenge they may be facing; nothing is too large or too small. The Student Services team also have bookable appointments; their advisors will ensure that you access all the support available to you. 

Sessions with the Student Services team members give you an opportunity to speak to a caring and non-judgemental professional who will listen and give you the space and time you need. They will always try and offer support but they can also link you up with other teams if the help you require exists elsewhere.

Mental health support

It is not uncommon to face challenges with your mental health and wellbeing during your time at university - it’s a time of big change! These challenges could range from feeling homesick or lonely, to feeling stressed or anxious about assessments or problems within your friendship group, or it could be that you are managing an emerging or previously diagnosed mental health condition. Please contact the team at The Student Services team can also refer students for counselling sessions if they are required.

Disability support

Disability & neurodivergent support covers dyslexia and a wide range of other specific learning differences (including dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD, Autism) as well as all physical, medical and mental health conditions that might affect your studies and life at university. 

Find out more about the support and advice we offer for students with a disability, dyslexia or learning difference.

Academic support tutors

You will be allocated a member of academic staff who will be your academic tutor for the whole time you're at University. After your first meeting at the start of your course you'll have further scheduled meetings to discuss your progress and to offer guidance on your studies.

Health centre

The University health centre is located on campus should you require medical attention for illness or accident while you are at university. The university nurse uses a triage system to decide if a doctor’s appointment is necessary. When the health centre is not open, you can contact the Phoenix Surgery directly. You will also be able to collect prescriptions from the health centre.

Student lounge

The student lounge is an alcohol-free space for students to relax and socialise in. It’s open until 11:00pm daily and you will find games and a TV with a DVD player, comfy chairs and Wi-Fi access. Community Assistants regularly host game and film nights in this space but you can also organise  your own events!