Duncan Lang

I graduated in 2004 after completing the three year, RICS accredited, BSc (Hons) Rural Land Management course. My time at the Royal Agricultural College, as it was then called, was not only extremely enjoyable but it also set me up with many contacts and an educational pedigree from which I have benefitted throughout my career to date.

There is no doubt the RAU is one of the foremost centres of learning for land-based rural industries. Since leaving the RAU in 2004 I have worked for four different companies as well as establishing an extension to an existing family business. Through all these my path has crossed with former and current students and there is always a bond of common interest which has been of indisputable benefit on many occasions.

The range of teaching on the course combined with a broad range of experience in the rural sector eventually brought me to Dalcour Maclaren, a progressive and forward-thinking firm of surveyors, specialising in the utilities sector.

I joined Dalcour Maclaren as a Senior Surveyor in their property management team, where I deal with property owned by national utilities companies. My subject matter ranges from small residential properties up to large rural estates, telecom masts, water towers and substations. There is no real limit to the range of work I get involved with and this, combined with the dynamic ethos of Dalcour Maclaren, means there is never a dull day in or out of the office.