Course:PhD Programme

Course details

  • Location

    Royal Agricultural University Campus
  • Duration

    3 Years (Full time /Part time)
  • Academic Year

    19 September 2022 - 26 May 2023.

With a range of expertise in applied research in sustainable agriculture, food chain security, agribusiness, agronomy, entrepreneurship, rural enterprise, soil science, equine science and urban regeneration and development, the RAU provides a stimulating environment for individuals wanting to further their academic and professional careers thorough doctoral study.

Course overview

The RAU is committed to environmental, economic and social sustainability, and so all our projects explore issues that will help farmers, horse owners, and rural businesses apply innovative techniques and models to improve output, economic viability, health, and welfare while caring for the environment.

Why study at the RAU?                                

  • Excellent job prospects for PhD candidates in both industry and academia
  • Integrated structured training on research methodologies, statistics, presentation skills, and academic writing
  • Range of on-farm facilities and unique established trial-plot areas to support your work
  • Strong research collaborations with the University of Nottingham, Rothamsted Research, and University College Dublin allowing you access to some state-of-the- art laboratory facilities
  • Our research degrees are validated by the University of Gloucestershire allowing you to interact with a large and subject-diverse postgraduate community

Current research areas include:

Agronomy and sustainable agriculture         

  • Wheat-bean intercropping and sustainable production systems
  • Environmental challenges and food security in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Developing sustainable pest control methods
  • Efficacy of farm swales in removing pesticides from surface water

Entrepreneurship and business development

  • New venture creation
  • SME growth and development (including business support for)
  • Family businesses
  • Social enterprise / non-profit development
  • Creative industry entrepreneurship
  • Technology entrepreneurship
  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship education

Soil science                                                   

  • Understanding management influences on soil organic matter
  • Nutrient cycling in soil and potential for carbon sequestration

Equine science                                              

  • Behavioural probes of brain function in horses
  • Evaluating energy balance in competition horses
  • Forage hygiene and respiratory health in stabled horses

Urban regeneration                                      

  • Smart city modelling
  • International competitiveness of Chinese construction firms
  • UAE residential valuation systems audit investigation and future pathways

The University is interested in receiving applications from suitably qualified, motivated, and self-financing students wishing to undertake research at either Master of Science by Research (MScR) or Doctoral (PhD) level.

Ready to take the plunge? Apply now

If you have the ambition and passion to carry out research at higher degree level, together with the necessary finance to cover tuition fees, research project costs and your own living expenses, please contact Professor David Main.

Applicants are required to contact Professor David Main in writing prior to submitting an application to discuss their proposed research project.

Please complete and return the Research Proposal form.

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