Food policy, quality and security

This research cluster considers food supply as a subset of wider food systems.

The collective research activity is considering food supply as a socio-economic and a socio-technical system which inform food safety, food supply and the moral framing and behaviours in supply chains.

Cluster members

Professor Tom MacMillan

Professor David Main

Dr Beverley Hill

Current doctoral research projects

  • Cynthia Angba PhD: ‘Impact of climate change on agricultural productivity in Nigeria, over the last 21 years’
  • Okpala Emeka PhD: ‘Economic implications and causes of agricultural food shortage in Nigeria –A case study of small-holder farmers, government extension services and trade’
  • Abel Kahuni PhD: ‘Efficiency of international sugar markets’
  • Lusubilo Ind PhD: ‘Food markets in coastal Tanzania’
  • Sophia Lingham PhD: ‘Local food systems: building on multi-stakeholder perceptions’